My Billion Year Contract Released!

Oct 27

On October 26th, 2009 My Billion Year Contract was officially released. It’s available here (obviously) as well as We had a great release party on Sunday so thank you to all who were able to make it! It was great to see everyone, old friends and new and I appreciate the support.

October 6 2009

Oct 06

This past weekend I sold my first three books. Very fitting. I had a few “Author’s Copy’s” and the person was going to an event where he wanted to share it. I want to thank Elron’s Thetan for being my first feedback. Funny, one person I was working with, we didn’t even talk Sea Org at all, I lent her the book “The White Haired Girl”, which is a memoir of a girl who grew up in China after the revolution, and her life was truly what it would be like if Scientology ran the world, it made an impact on her, nuff said. We are still waiting on the books, so I have none to sell. Pre-Release copies are available for review if you are a reviewer or involved in media. Call, their main phone # is 1-888-795-4274. They did send a Press Release out saying that if you plan a review to call them. I’m sure copies are limited and they will want to verify your media credentials.
Otherwise, the web site is still being put together. There is at least one more video, but my Director/Editor actually got some work out here in Hollywood, so that takes precedence.
take care


Oct 01

This if my first blog on our new web page for my memoir -
MY BILLION YEAR CONTRACT:Memoir of a Former Scientologist.

I was a Scientologist for many years and worked in a large variety of their organization. I didn’t truly realize the depth of my experiences until I put them together in one book. I have definitely travelled the ins and outs and ups and downs of this controversial international group.