Whistle Blowers

Jun 12

For those people that have spoken out to what they have gone thru and is true for them, and to those that have documentation to support these comments. Please never accept the name Scientology and their paid Sociologists have given you — apostate, disgruntled ex-member, someone we (Scientology) had to let go cause they could not live up to our standards. None of these names are what or who you are, if you are speaking the truth as you know it, or have it documented –you are a WhistleBlower. I am a WhistleBlower to their Mental abuse that has led to Mentally troubled, suicidal, psychotic or suicides. Recently I’m sad to state that we have had a couple of murders. This has happened to me, people from all over the world have written to me as to their personal experiences. I am not any of the above. I am a WhistleBlower. That’s the truth. We need to stop allowing Scientology to “name” who we are.
If you are commenting upon something that is true or you have documentation on – you are a WhistleBlower; own it.
- Former Scientologist, Nancy Many