Oct 01

This if my first blog on our new web page for my memoir -
MY BILLION YEAR CONTRACT:Memoir of a Former Scientologist.

I was a Scientologist for many years and worked in a large variety of their organization. I didn’t truly realize the depth of my experiences until I put them together in one book. I have definitely travelled the ins and outs and ups and downs of this controversial international group.

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  1. Karen Chambre says:

    To Nancy Many,
    To my Hero Nancy Many, who despite the many internal and external hurdles was able to persevere and endure to tell her story which must be shared. The pain and repercussions for the people who have lived similar stories should not be forgotten. I plan to sit and digest every word of this book that was so painstakingly written

  2. Nate and Mona says:

    good morn Nancy….

    thanks for telling your story and speaking out….

    can’t wait to read your story….

    all out love
    nate and mona

  3. Preston Opstein says:

    Theories about the “end of the world” or things like that have been found all over for centuries, though these days the interenet tends to spread them even more. The most popular and specific date of this will be on December 21, 2012. Much of this is based on the last date of the Mayan calendar, which is December 21, 2012.Nostrodamus also foretold many disasters occurring on or leading up to December 21, 2012, as well.

  4. says:

    I have known of these dates and the prophecies by these people as well as the American Indians. But they are either true or not, and either way I have
    no control. Soo, I just continue to live the life that is put in front of me and
    attempt to do the best that I can….

  5. says:

    Hey guys, I wanted to give an update of things that have been happening with me and the Book. The response has been incredible. But the saddest thing is the people I had not known who had also had their mental trauma or committed suicide as a result of their many year, or sometimes not so many year, association with Scientology.

    I knew it was larger than what I saw, but I didn’t know it would be this almost overwhelming….

    This past week I attended the Mega Raid in Boston put on by Anonymous.
    Larry Brennan, Myself and Steve Hassan spoke at the Boston Commons and then later we had a one hour “round table” discussion at Larry’s gorgeous hotel room. I should be able to get the video’s of the talks both up on this web site soon. I know they are already on the net, but I’m sorry I don’t have a link to hand.

    I didn’t realize how emotional it would be for me, one of my very first jobs in the Scientology Org in Boston, was selling books on this same Boston Commons. I could see myself through the eyes of the young girl I was, walking up to people sitting on the benches or laying on the grass, hoping to sell them a book of this most wonderful thing called Scientology that I had found. The people are still there, sitting on the benches in the shade or laying on the grass in the sun, but the girl is now a woman and has completed her journey through all the crevices and cracks of Scientology. She lives to tell of this in her book that she is now selling once again on the Boston Commons. It was a very deep a personal completion of a circle of life.

  6. says:

    RPF — Thought Reform Camps. I spoke on the Commons on the matter of the Rehabilitation Project Force Camps that Scientology has all over the world. People placed in them are never left alone, always guarded, and are not allowed to see or speak to any family members, let alone any friends they might see walking around. The first thing you lose, when the guards come to get you to take you to the camp is your voice.

    Then your clothes are changed to the uniform that marks you as a member of this group of people considered “less than” by the group.

    All work is manual labor, things like cleaning out the garbage bins, or “Rat Patrol”

    When I was in the first time, it was a programme that if a person took a year to get out it was considered strange. Now I have found out it can go from 6-8 years, with no definite end of time dilineated. It takes as long as it takes to get your thoughts to align with the group again. But like Chutes and Ladders, sometimes the group thoughts change and you are back at the beginning again.

    Now, I don’t know about every state in the Union, but I do know that in a lot of states 6-8 years is the time in prison for manslaughter. And even that, can be shortened with good behavion. But you at least can see and speak to family and friends, at least you have a date to look forward to getting out on. Not so in the Rehabilitation Project Force.

    Right now on this planet there a hundreds of people being kept under guard in these camps. Away from anything resembling a regular life.

    The strange thing though, is that if the FBI came to free them all tomorrow, most would remain. Just like when the Representative came to Jim Jones camp and offered anyone who wanted to go home a ride in his truck –Very few got on that truck. The majority remained and drank the Kool-Aide.

    Their thoughts had shifted from any form of personal survival,, to the senior thought of survival of the group…

    These people need help, they need to get their own thoughts and feelings back, and the ability to change them at any point they want to…

    To all those Ex Sea Org Personnel out there , yes our motto was “We Come back”, but how about “We come back to get our friends out”.

    The majority of people will not believe you when you tell them these things,
    how could such Human Abuse be occuring in the group that attacks Human Abuses around the world?? And in America at that?

  7. Thomas Cook says:

    Thomas Cook Nancy, I said I’d give my review, it’s overdue. Let me tell you how it effected me. It made me realize, even further, that Scientologist’s really can be and some are good people. The first chapter is like a sucker-punch to head. It thrilled me despite the horror you were facing at that moment and for that I’m so sorry….
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    Thomas Cook Also, I consider “My Billion Year Contract” a service to humanity as a whole, anyone can learn something from this book. Very good job, Nancy.
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    Nancy Many Thank you so much Tom. It was difficult to face the truth, my truth, and my part in it. But since OT8′s are continuing to lose their mental stability, I will continue to speak out. Thanks.
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  8. Patrick says:

    I’ve been surfing through the net trying to understand this stupid religion that they call Scientology,and i found a great site
    by the way I’m a muslim and i challenge anybody form this so called Scientology to prove them wrong…
    God mercy what’s going on with these people they throw themselves into the mouth of a lion…what I think is just because they are desperate,living emptiness in their lives or looking for the truth….Just look around you,you will see how greater is this God who created everything you don’t need nobody to tell you about God….
    Anyways thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work…

  9. めがね says:

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