Kathryn’s Reviews and Comments

Let me take this opportunity to say how much I admire everything you did –posting your story and everything, about all that you and Chris went through. You were and are very courageous indeed. – NW

WOW, thank you for being so brave to have written your story. – RF

Thank you Nancy Many. Without the love and good humanity of you and people like Chris there’d be no place, no safety zone for people like me, the former member looking upwards FOR my former comrades who I looked UP to. Thank you big time Nancy and big time to Chris for being there for you and in turn you being there for me and for Maureen, and all us other people who NEED people like you! Thank you for your honesty and love!! Man, your story just cuts to the core of humanity and the goodness. – CB

I read your story this evening. It brought me to simultaneous tears and rage! – WM

Your story is breath taking and I want now to congratulate you for staying alive. – MM

I read your story, you are lucky to be breathing air and spreading such a difficult warning. I have heard of other horror stories… that include steps being taken to protect themselves from physical harm. You are very brave: I applaud you, and your husband. – DdB

Thank you for your story. I have been in Scientology for 8 years and have recently left. Your story is helping me recover. I hope it helps others. – SS

I was born and raised in Scientology, and I left when I was younger due to the psychological duress, forced labor, illegal activities and all the other things they put Scientology kids through. I was just writing to express my solidarity. Hope you’re doing better now! – SW

Very thought provoking story. – MS

I’ve never read this story before. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. I never experienced the severity of Kathryn’s breakdown, but I believe every word she wrote. I experienced the confessionals done on behalf of Scientology executives. I remember walking on to a rooftop and looking over the side and longing to jump. The only reason I didn’t was because of my baby daughter. I remember lying in bed at night unable to sleep and just crying and crying and feeling that my mind was being crushed. Thank you Kathryn for writing down your experience. – TG

It could have been me, too. Sadly it did happen to many of our friends and peers in Scientology. I am so glad you survived, and for all of us who are still standing. – LB

I would just like to thank you again for all your help. You were a great source and I am so thankful you were willing to help me out. – KM

What happened to me is nothing compared to what happened to you. You are a true survivor. – L

It took incredible guts and nerve to step forward and tell your story, knowing how vindictive the Church can be to anyone that speaks out. Thank you so much. I don’t know you, but you mean a lot to me. – PP

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Several years ago, a friend of mine and I also went through something similar to you, only we luckily had not joined the Sea Org yet. We had never heard of any other dissidents, and had we not had each other, I doubt we’d have made it out. We have now managed to remove ourselves from that environment, but both our parents are still very dedicated Scientologists. It’s amazing and wonderful to read stories of other people who’ve gone through much the same thing, as I thought we were the only ones. I just wanted to say that I relate completely to what you went through, and I’m glad someone’s putting it out there. – KR

I just read your story on the Internet with great interest. First, well done for surviving your ordeal. You were lucky that you had your husband to help pull you through it and that he stayed with you! And even braver of you to have posted your story on the Internet! That takes quite a bit of courage! – CL

A very powerful story. Thanks for posting it. Putting aside the horrors this woman went through the one thing I found quite telling was the dynamic between the husband and wife. It wasn’t until after he stepped away from Scientology party line that Kathryn started to get better. – SG

It is just amazing how Scientology just destroyed someone who was so loyal and so supportive for so long – and then turned their backs on her. – M

What a powerful statement! I am so happy that her husband was able to wake up in time. What a mercy that was. This is a very damning document for Scientology. – MR

They broke her mind like a malicious child breaking a toy and then tried to hide the pieces. This account brings into sharp relief all the things I detest about Scientology – The so-called ‘ethics’ handling, the oppressive control over this woman’s rapidly disintegrating ‘case’ (read life), the total lack of true concern over the fact that they hectored her until she lost her mind and the incredibly disgusting concern of those involved to cover Scientology’s ass by having an obviously mentally unstable person sign waivers and disclaimers. – TS

First of all I hope every critic and concerned Scientologist has read Kathryn’s story from start to finish because in my long experience with Scientology and the various ways that its members get destroyed by the very organization they are dedicated to, it is one of the most poignant histories I have ever read. I hope that someone can pass on my admiration to the lady who wrote it – it takes a remarkable courage to willingly go back and face such a bleak and horrifying episode in one’s past and communicate it to others – I think that only a long term member can know how great a step it has been for this person and I wish I had half her cojones.
It is all too real and it should be broadly spread around to anyone who thinks that this ‘church’ has any concern at all for its members. And if you are a member reading this – take a good look; take a real good look because when push comes to shove and if you ever get into serious personal trouble you will be dumped faster than Lewinsky’s chastity belt. – DM

I want to thank Arnie and the brave woman who mustered the courage to write about her ordeal. Someone I cared about very much went through an incident very similar to yours. I want to thank you again for being willing to share your experience. Talking and writing about your ordeal is part of the healing process not only for you but for others as well. Yours is another voice in the chorus whose song of truth will drown out the lies. – HS

I admire you, respect you and am inspired by you. I do not believe it is possible for you Nancy, to realize the depth of (or the power of) the difference your story has (already) contributed to this world (not to mention the difference to come). That I am personally relieved that you found help in the writing of it (for yourself) would be an understatement of gigantic proportions. As crazy as this may seem (or sound) as I read your story, I suffered with you vicariously. That is to say there is a part of my soul that I am convinced is deeply intertwined with or connected with or at one with a part of your soul, and at this level of our being, your suffering is my suffering, your tears are my eyes and your courage and strength is the definition of mine. Thus I say once again, by you I am deeply inspired (and grateful for your being)…. I am touched so deeply & moved with such spiritual force that I find myself speechless once again. Thank you Nancy. – LT

By your story, I realized one fine thing – you are a very strong person and I can use your wise advices because you have been there. – LD

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