October 6 2009

Oct 06

This past weekend I sold my first three books. Very fitting. I had a few “Author’s Copy’s” and the person was going to an event where he wanted to share it. I want to thank Elron’s Thetan for being my first feedback. Funny, one person I was working with, we didn’t even talk Sea Org at all, I lent her the book “The White Haired Girl”, which is a memoir of a girl who grew up in China after the revolution, and her life was truly what it would be like if Scientology ran the world, it made an impact on her, nuff said. We are still waiting on the books, so I have none to sell. Pre-Release copies are available for review if you are a reviewer or involved in media. Call XLibris.com, their main phone # is 1-888-795-4274. They did send a Press Release out saying that if you plan a review to call them. I’m sure copies are limited and they will want to verify your media credentials.
Otherwise, the web site is still being put together. There is at least one more video, but my Director/Editor actually got some work out here in Hollywood, so that takes precedence.
take care

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  1. AnonLover says:

    Yess!!!! Congrats Nancy – this is awesome news that this book is finally being released! Please post or mention the ISBN # on this site when you have one… certain wheels will begin to turn that have been waiting for the formal release of this work..

  2. Ambrose Corum says:

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  3. Hiedi Haflett says:

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  4. Al says:

    Thanks for the reference to “The White Haired Girl”, Nancy. You mention that as a memoir of a girl who grew up in China after the revolution. I get the analogy between the “party” [as in: regime] of DM and the regime of CCP [Chinese Communist Party].

    I have thought before of the fact that:

    A Chinese person born after 1950 has never known China to be ruled by other than the CCP. and the CCP party line = “If you’re against them, you’re against China.” AND: Scientologists or, particularly, SO members born under the regime of DM who never knew anything other than that regime … are told that “if you’re against DM/the ‘church,’ you’re against Scientology.”

    The spiritual practice of Falun Gong began in China, and as I have walked among Falun Gong practitioners and, to a degree — or, perhaps I should say, in my heart — become one … I actually heard of the legend of “The White Haired Girl” from The Epoch Times online newspaper, which was started by Falun Gong practitioners … They of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance … are horrifically persecuted and tortured by the CCP … because the CCP’s qualities are the opposite of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance …

    Btw, I will answer your email of yesterday as soon as I debug sending a reply from my hushmail :-)

  5. Kiera Estler says:

    Wonderful web site! I thoroughly enjoyed your content material …very properly written.

  6. nancy many says:

    Thanks for the complement Klera, I am glad my web site comes across clearly and communicates well. I wish I had more time to spend on it, but I am happy with what I have up so far.
    AI —I used to be in many positions over the years in the Office of LRH’s Expansion of Scientology internationally. I never could quite grasp how and why and what we would look like. My indoctrination into Scientology was that of an Applied Spritual Philosophy, So, why would it want to run countries?

    When I first red The White Haired girl not only was I shocked, but it was a double whammy for me, cause it answered the question of “what would it be like if the Sea Org ran the world, and it was very scary. Scientology already had the “rehabilitation Camps” to fix ones thinking. Not only can it happen, it did happen to one of the largest populated countries in our own time. And we all looked, and looked away.

    You have inspired my interest in Falun Gong. I am going to investigate it more deeply,, thanks,

  7. Kenia Mcever says:

    What I don’t comprehend is how you’re not much more preferred than you’re now. You are just so intelligent. You know so significantly about this subject, produced me feel about it from a lot of distinct angles. Its like individuals arent interested unless it has something to complete with Lady Gaga! Your stuffs terrific. Keep it up!

  8. nancy many says:

    Dear Kenia,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I have done a lot of ration and tv shows. My book may not have yet sold in volume but it definitely has gotten to some very key people in the world.

    My book is out there along with contact for me in case anyone has any further questuina.

    I have helped J. Reitman with her book, and am helping others from the background. That will never stop.

    But, I also think that i need to get my life back in the order and direction that is best for me, so I have gone back to get my Masters Degree in Religious Studies so that I can become a certified chaplain (for all faiths). I am a helper of people, and have been doing that for no pay, it is time that I get fully trained so I can continue to help, but help all faiths and help from the Spiritual.

    I am not a picket type person, I am not a Torey type person who goes to pickets and has her our you tube following (there is nothing wrong with that, in fact she is one of my closest friends. But we are very different Mike Rinder is an old friend of mine. Mary Rathbun has been friends with people I am close to. And I do enjoy many parts of his blog.

    The book is for the public, and those that need more from me know how to contact me. But I do a lot of work behind the scenes, aiming for the top….

    Thanks for reading my book and noticing how many jobs within that Organization I have to communicate on. I have been attempting to find another person in this world, who has worked deep undercover for both the
    Guardian’s Office prior to FBI raid and the “New” organization – OSA, that I know for a fact does the same exact things, no matter how much they spout that they are not the same as the old Guardian’s Office.

    And I got to say that in court, it’s on the record, and despite the Scn Lawyers attempts to get me to shut up, the judge wanted to hear more. So I am
    glad that that is now public record.

    There are so many people out of Scn to help others now, and I no longer feel I am the only one. I know of several people who are doing the programme that the Psychiatrist put together, to heal the person in his own home. (Dr. Podvall) Dr. Podvall and his Windhorse Groups do not like Psych Drugs, they feel a person heals stronger and faster without them —-But he is not black and white, because if an individual needs some drugs to get them
    through a black suicidal period, they will use them. The least amount needed for the individual in front of them.. So thank you I appreciate your words very much.

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